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Pipe and Drape

The Pipe and Drape system is used as a facing for podiums, changing rooms, product presentations, photography, backdrops, atmosphere or space separation, to cover unused or under construction areas, control guides and many other uses.

These detachable dividing walls are perfect for fairs, exhibitions, congresses and other types of events. They are easily assembled and dismantled, since the use of tools is not necessary. Our professionals are able to assemble and disassemble Pipe and Drape in record time.

This dynamic system offers you many possibilities in all formats, in addition it allows to combine several systems to obtain superior lengths.

The standard material of the curtains used in Pipe and Drape is Molton of 300 grams although we have many other materials for curtains, like fabrics of velvet and trevira, made by our professionals in our facilities. The materials with which we create our curtains are flame retardant curtain fabrics of different kinds, discover more in our section of flame retardant curtain fabrics.

The basic colours that are usually used are black and blue but we accept requests for other colours without any problem. The rings at the back of the curtains make the vertical brackets not visible.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you in detail.