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If you want to give color and luminosity to your event, our lightboxes are the perfect element for this purpose. LED technology allows us this fantastic system of lightboxes, which in recent years has gained popularity thanks to its spectacularity. The LED lightboxes are ideal thanks to their intense brightness and durability, which can reach over 10 years. LED is more light and less consumption, therefore they are much more cost-efficient than the traditional lightboxes.

One of the great advantages of LED is that it does not produce heat, therefore, it is especially useful in backlighted graphics.

In Saez DeCom we know of the usefulness of the lightbox to highlight the desired elements within your event, fair, congress, wedding, bar mitzvah, etc. That’s why we are specialists in the design, manufacture, assembly and disassembly of the same.

In our workshop we can manufacture lightboxes of any size and with any design, always in accordance with your specifications and design guidelines.

If you have any doubts about how our lightbox work, contact us and we will explain in detail what this fantastic product consists of.