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Event carpets

Due to the large number of people that normally attend trade fairs in Spain (and specially in Barcelona), Saez Decom strongly recommends the use of intensive-use event carpet, the large audience is the key that determines the use of this type of carpet, designed and manufactured for intense and concentrated use. It is also recommended the use of event carpets in headquarters, corridors, offices, meeting rooms, shops, stairs and mats in entrances.

Most of our event carpets are available in widths of 2 meters and 4 meters. They are also available with hair of the same or different height, in different qualities of weight and retouching of the back and in great variety of structures and colors, so you can choose the fair carpets that are to your liking and more convenient for you.

Once you have chosen the ideal carpet for your event or space, our assemblers will be in charge of the transport, assembly and/or disassembly of the same. They are very easy and quick to place, so work will be done in the blink of an eye.

Long fiber carpets

  • Composition 100% polypropylene fiber
  • Dilour structure
  • Flame retardant latex support, pressed rubber and plastic
  • Fiber weight of 650 gr / m²
  • Total weight between 730 and 1250 gr / m²
  • Width of 2 meters
  • Length between 25 and 30 meters
  • Height of the fiber of 6 mm
  • Fiber width 6 mm

Short fiber carpets

  • Composition 100% polypropylene fiber
  • Smooth structure
  • Support S.B.R. Latex
  • Fiber weight of 320 gr / m²
  • Total weight around 360 gr / m²
  • Width of 2,02 meters
  • Length of 45 meters
  • Fiber height 3 mm
  • Fiber width 3 mm
  • In 30 different colors