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Partition walls

Saez DeCom partition walls are one of the most practical and creative solutions to separate or set apart different environments within a single space in your event.

We have several possible solutions: our unique system of modules, which allow a great number of possible combinations between Argo, Barcelona, Earth, Flower Power, Matrix, Maze and Thousand and One Nights models. They are very simple to assemble and when applied correctly, the results are spectacular. We also have the system of light boxes as partition walls, these provide color and luminosity to the scene while separating the different spaces, leaving a scene rich in details, lights and colors.

If you do not know which option is best for your event, you just have to contact us and our designers will get to work to offer you the best possible solution. In addition, you can visualize in 3D what the scene will look like so you can get an idea of the final result.

Our assemblers are the best professionals in the sector and that’s why we do all the work: we transport all the necessary material for your event, we take care of the assembly, always punctual and without mishaps and, to finish with, we disassemble everything at the time you indicate us.