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Event services

At Saez Decom we have a wide range of event services. We design stages and assemble them completely, we decorate all type of events, we make custom furniture, we realize 3D infographics so that you have a vision of the final product and advise on design or assembly in any area related to events.

Stage setup

We do the stage setup within the parameters that you indicate us, always in time and with professionalism. Our professionals take care of everything!

Event setup

We assemble your event in full, from floors, room dividers, backdrops and curtains to lecterns and so on. Just ask for, we will assemble.

Stand design

If you want your stand to stand out among the many stands at fairs and congresses, at Saez Decom we have the perfect solution: a 3D specialist who will make a 3D event design and the best team to build and assemble the event.

Event decor

We decorate your event to your liking. We meet with you so you can explain your needs and objectives and then we develop your ideas and make them possible thanks to our event designers with great experience.

Corporate events

A great brand needs a great image and a greater presence in fairs and congresses, nationally and internationally, and in corporate events. To fulfill these expectations we put at your disposal the best team of professionals to make your company event an absolute success.

3D event design

Before any manufacture or assembly a 3D event design preview is necessary so that you can get an idea of the final product. At Saez DeCom we have the best professionals to perform 3D event design and we offer it among our event services.

Event planner

If you do not have an Event Planner or need advice on certain areas in the design and assembly of your event, you can count on Saez Decom.

Wedding decorations

We decorate your wedding with all kinds of details, with custom furniture and spectacular curtains, which will make one of the most special days of your life, unforgettable.

Bar Mitzvah decorations

Decorate the great Bar Mitzvah ceremony with Saez Decom and our event services.

Large format printing

We are specialists in large format printing, we design and print your ideas.